Nuad Thai massage (Chaloeysak style)

Course Description (24 CE) $695

An introduction into Nuad Chaloeysak style which is a common or family style practice in Thailand. The massage is practiced on a mat with the clients clothed. This is an oil-less massage that focuses on direct pressure, muscle stretching, compression and rhythmic rocking movement. An herbal cream is applied at times to specific points on neck, back and temples.  The massage therapists not only use hands but feet knees and elbow as well. Students will Learn proper body mechanics and body positioning of both practitioner and client which are fundamental to successfully giving Nuad Thai massage. Thai ethics will be taught for this modality. 

Upon completion of this course, the students will be able to: 

• Explain the importance of practicing mindfulness
• Define Nuad Thai Massage
• List the benefits of Nuad Thai Massage for the client
• List the benefits of Nuad Thai Massage for the practitioner
• Demonstrate body movements and stretching techniques
• Palpate muscles for areas of dysfunction
• Demonstrate the placement of hands, thumbs, palms and feet when executing a Nuad Thai Massage
• Demonstrate the full body sequence of Nuad Thai massage
• Know contraindications for Nuad Thai massage
• Define Thai ethics and understand boundaries of Nuad Thai massage

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